Disco is Dead by Jacqui Corcoran - 05/03/2019

Image credit: Jacqui Corcoran
Image credit: Jacqui Corcoran

Jacqui Corcoran, artist-in-residence - February

We would like to introduce you to Jacqui Corcoran, our artist-in-residence for the month of February. Jacqui is using A Little Room to further develop her new play entitled Disco is Dead.


Disco is Dead focuses on the story of Tina, former-DJ, now a middle-aged married woman who tries not to take herself too seriously, but is not coping well with the myriad physical and emotional challenges life is throwing at her.


Jacqui Corcoran is a writer, journalist and media consultant who tries not to take herself too seriously. She’d like to think she’s coping better than Tina.


Jacqui and her company of actors will present a rehearsed reading of her play on Tuesday, March 5th, at Garter Lane Arts Centre. Book your free ticket here